Simplify your search for the best nfts.

FUNGYPROOF helps you find your next prized collection with a unique at-a-glance NFT Grade.

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Sift through noise and find red flags faster.

We score the most impactful aspects of NFT collections and display them in one place. Get important details without the time spent looking through multiple apps, block explorers, and social channels.

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🚩 Bot community!
🚩 Vulnerable image hosting!
🚩 Bad Distribution!

Mint Conditions™ score

Smart collectors know not all NFTs are built the same. Our unique algorithm covers 30+ datapoints related to code security, decentralization, and energy so you can know-it-all without knowing a single line of code.

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No security flaws

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Community score

NFTs are inherently social, that's why FUNGYPROOF factors in reviews and community insights to cover the metrics you can't automate.

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Search by what matters most to you.

Long term collectors need more than volume and floor price. Search across marketplaces by the unique traits you care about.

highlight extra utility with cases.

FUNGYPROOF Cases display special qualities about an NFT. As a collector, you can add cases to your favorite NFTs to make them more unique or add utility after mint.

archived to permaweb
FungyProof Case Lock
FungyProof Case Cover
FungyProof Case Cover
NFT grade improvement from B to C

A new TYPE of NFT

Each FungyProof case is an NFT that provably links to your existing NFT. When you decide to link a Case, your NFT is enriched with the attributes of the Case. No wrapping or depositing required.

Cases were designed to help owners without IPFS hosting for their NFT assets. Future cases will add features to existing NFTS such as Rarity, DAO Access, Carbon Credits, Encrypted Data, and more.

+ Archival Back ups
FungyProof Neon Orange Case
+ Carbon OFFSETs
FungyProof Carbon Offset Case
FungyProof Kitten White Case
FungyProof Neon Green Case
FungyProof Caser
Secure metadata and images

The FungyProof Case

The first FUNGYPROOF Case archives your NFT into IPFS to keep it accessible no matter what happens.

Carbon Neutral NFT
FungyProof Carbon Offset Case

The Carbon Case

Offset your NFTs carbon footprint and display it in the registry.

Rare Case NFTs

Purchase and trade limited edition case NFTs. Add even more rarity to your existing NFT!

FungyProof Kitten White Case
Kitten case nft

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